Sunday, February 4, 2024

Lathe Spindle Motor Upgrade

Motor bracket laser cut and bent from .188" steel by SendCutSend:

Crufted NEMA-56-size Clearpath servo motor - integrated motor drive, plugs straight into single or 3-phase mains.

1:1 belt to the spindle:  

Pile of junk being replaced:

Spin-down comparison vs the original motor from 900 RPM:


  1. Thank you for sharing :). Cool upgrade!

  2. Very cool! Lots of inertia in that original Clausing motor apparently... I admit I haven't done much turning beyond your typical tiny 7x10 lathe; beyond precise SFM/leadscrew control, what's the desirability for quick spin-downs?

    1. Yeah, lots of inertia and no brake.

      It's particularly useful for single point threading - instead of disengaging the half nut at the end of the thread and waiting for the number to come around on the threading dial to re-engage, you can just leave it engaged, stop the spindle, and reverse the spindle back to the start if the thread.

      Also nice for things like measuring and power tapping

  3. Dude, where does one cruft a clear path. V jealous.

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  5. Nice Job! are you concerned about loosing out on the low speed torque though?