Tuesday, April 18, 2023

New capacitor for Yottacoil

Another CPW, another round of tesla coiling.  Last time the primary capacitor caught on fire, so I helped Michael and Austin cobble together a new one out of the Eurofarad caps the coil originally used.  I designed some bus bars and MITERS undergrads got them waterjet cut for us.

216 M6 socket head cap screws and 36 crimps later:

Successfully ran 2 evenings with 0 capacitor fires and 1 boost converter fire:


  1. The parallel connections look way beefier than the serial...? Any thermal issues with the smaller bus bars?

    1. The opposite, it's an 18s2p string. The little bus bars parallelize the two 18s strings. The serial bus bars are equivalent to 0 AWG wire.

  2. Enjoyable, have fun :)