Sunday, July 11, 2021

Mill enclosure is almost done



  1. Very nice! I assume taking as small bites as you do, the rigidity loss from the wheeled cart isn't an issue, ya? Not sure how it'd affect the finish quality, but an upgrade to consider is changing the base to a grated surface and add a shallow removable chip drawer underneath the enclosure. Makes cleanup _so_ much easier :)

    1. No rigidity issues with the wheeled cart, the machine already sits on feet that aren't bolted down anyway.

      A chip drawer is a great idea! That would actually be super easy to add in - there are already aluminum extrusion spans directly under the machine's legs - the floor isn't structural. So I'd just need to remove the floor and add a drawer beneath.

  2. Cool! What thinkpad is it? Im thinking of buying an older thinkpad for the same usage